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In support of all the students who are displaced from school due to the Corona virus. Access to physics zone and chemistry zone lessons are now available free of charge. This will be maintained at least through August 1st 2020. Learn and be well.

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Physics Supplies

Many of the activities in our Physics Workbooks utilize toys and other items that are not usually found in your typical science equipment supply companies. This has the advantage of making the physics lessons more approachable, affordable, and of course fun.

Here is a list of many matterials needed and links to where you can purchase them. (in order of appearance in the workbook)

Item Quantity
Mass Sets (100g - 1kg) class set
String Assortment a few spools
Meter Sticks class set
Stopwatches class set
Bathroom Scale (reading force not mass) 1
Thermometers a few
Marbles or Ball Bearings class set
Ball Assortment (tennis, racquet, foam, inflatable, etc) a few
Wooden Blocks (2x4 scraps to clap together to create sound)
Make friends with whoever runs the school wood shop
class set
Hand Powered Copters 1 per student
Moving Objects (toy cars, powered and unpowered) several
Dot Timers or Spark Timers & Tape (preferably 60 Hz) a few
Sonic Ranger (TI CBL recommended) (only used for one lab in this book, but can be used for so much more) a few
Poppers (little half sphere jumpy things) 1 gross
Plastic Rulers with groove down the middle class set
Frisbee (traditional, and soft fabric Frisbee) 1 of each
Aerobie 1
Boomerang (traditional u-shape) 1
Blow Pipe toys 1 per student
Celophane Tape
many rolls
Paper (for paper airplanes)
1 ream
Glue Sticks
several sticks
a few
a few packages
Straws (regular and flexi)
many packages
Paper-clips a few boxes
a few spools
Spring Scales (read in Newtons) class set
Wood blocks with screw eyes class set
Interactive Physics (not required but highly recommended software) 1copy
Assorted Tools (wrenches, screw drivers, hammers, pliers, etc) 1 set
The Way Things Work by David Macaulay (ISBN 0-395-42857-2) 1-20 copies
Lego Dacta Gears set
2-5 sets
Hotwheels cars and track(plain track recommended too)
class set
Connecting Leads class set
Clear & White Plastic Strips and Wool (standard electrostatics supplies) class set
Aluminum Pie Plates (8” - 10” diameter) class set
Blue Styrofoam Plates (1’x1’x1” cut from household insulation sheets)
class set
Styrofoam Cups 2 per lab group
Aluminum Foil 1 roll
Assorted Springs class set
DC Voltmeters (analog is preferred) class set
DC Ammeters (analog is preferred) class set
5 ohm & 10 ohm resistors (or similar 1:2 ratio) class set
C or D cells (batteries, recommend rechargeables) class set
Battery Holders (strong rubber bands work ok) class set
Power Strips plugged into ammeter and voltmeter class set
Air Core Solenoids class set
Compasses (magnetic) class set
Electric Motor Kits (available from Science First, phone 716-874-0133) 1 per student
Sand Paper several sheets  
Copper wire (bell wire) a few spools
Assorted Magnets (various shapes, sizes and strengths) class set
Plastic Cups (serve as speaker cones) 1 per student
Compasses (for drawing circles) class set
Long Springs (~3” diameter, like a long slinky) a few
Long Springs (~1” diameter) a few
Small Rectangular Mirrors (no longer than 3”) 3
Protractors class set
Lucite or acrylic Lens Assortment class set
Laser (recommend a class set of laser pointers, <$20) 4-8


This is a semi complete list of what is needed for labs and activities. It does not include items needed for lectures and presentations. The teacher is expected to decide what is needed for these.


-- Other fun physics teaching items. --