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In support of all the students who are displaced from school due to the Corona virus. Access to physics zone and chemistry zone lessons are now available free of charge. This will be maintained at least through August 1st 2020. Learn and be well.

Chemistry Lessons Review Links

Chemistry Zone: Laboratory Activity Lessons

Name Description Type
Lab Safety
Chemistry Zone Members Only
This is a list of common lab safety rules  
Scientific Glassblowing Basics This covers everything you need to know about blowing glass for laboratory purposes. Descriptions & Images
Fundamental Units
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This interactive lesson addressees the need and use of fundamental units. Interactive (Shockwave)
Significant Figures the Complete Lesson
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This interactive lesson deals with all aspects of accuracy, precision, error, and significant figures. Includes explanation and practice. If you have Shockwave, this is the lesson to choose.

Interactive (Shockwave)
Significant Figures An explanation of the concept behind significant figures. Includes descriptions of how to use them.
Here is a more concise explanation.
Here is a more detailed version.
(not local)
Sig. Fig. Drill
Chemistry Zone Members Only
An outstanding tool for practicing significant figure counting. Live Practice
Scientific Notation A simple yet thorough description of scientific notation. Descriptions & Examples
Scientific Notation Conversion Drills
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These are outstanding tools for practicing converting scientific notation to decimals and for converting decimals to scientific notation. Live Practice
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This slide show presents the basic concepts of Density as they relate to physics. (printable notes) Slide Show
Density Lab This interactive lab lets you experiment with different objects in liquid tanks, graduated cylinders, and scales. Thanks to Raman Pfaff for creating this. Live Experiments
Converting Units by Dimensional Analysis Tutorials for using units to convert from one unit to another. Also called the factor label method. Interactive Lessons
Converting Temperatures Drill & Practice This lets you practice converting between Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin. Drill & Practice
Unit Conversion Tool This is the ultimate tool for converting one unit into another unit. Live Tool