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Lessons on Nuclear Physics

 Name  Description  Type
Introduction to Nuclear Physics
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This lesson examines the nucleus of an atom, the mass defect, binding energy, and devices used to study the nucleus. Animations & Explanation
Nuclear Decay and Stability
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This lesson illustrates the various types of nuclear decay, radiation, and illustrates the band of stability. Explanation Animations & Quiz
How Radiation Affects Cells This site takes the mystery out of damage caused by nuclear radiation examining both short and long term effects. Explanation
EPA Page for Radiation Protection The Environmental Protection Agency provides some answers about radiation hazards. Explanation & Images
Conservation of Mass and Energy This lesson addresses how mass-energy is conserved in a nuclear reaction. Explanation & Animations
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This lesson teaches the concept of Half-lives and includes a few practice problems. Explanation & Animations
The Particle Adventure An impressive collection of everything you could ever want to know about our quest to understand the atom and its building blocks.  It covers the Standard Model and its parts. (multiple languages available) Animations, Images & Explanations
About Fusion A great lesson on nuclear fusion and its promise for the future. Explanation & Images
Quarks A great introductory video to the big and little concepts behind quarks. Video 4:18