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Bernoulli's Principle - Explanations and Demos

In 1738, Daniel Bernoulli documented that faster moving fluids exert less force on surfaces they are flowing along.  Little did he know that this discovery would eventually change the way we travel and the way some sports are played.   It also leads to a lot of good physics phun to be experienced.  Below are some specific applications of Bernoulli's principle.

Real World Applications

Cool Things To Try

Airplane Wings Blow 2 Cans Together
Atomizers The Blow Out Challenge
Frizbees The Blow Pipe
Boom-a-rangs Levitate a Sphere
Hurricanes Raising the Roof Flip a Coin
The Attack of the Shower Curtain Paper Out of a Bottle
The Curve Ball (sort of) Blow a Card Off the Table
Pushing a Ship The Paper Lift
A Better Indy Car  

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