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Chemistry Lessons Review Links

Chemistry of Water Lessons

Name Description Type
Salt: Sodium Chloride This has lots of answers to questions about salt and its influence on the environment and living things Explanation & Diagrams
Salt-free Highway Topping Join the quest for alternatives to salt as a way of making winter roads less hazardous. Explanation & Diagrams
Water Science for Schools This USGS site is a great place to learn about the Earth's water supply.  It covers everything form water purity, polution, hydroelectric power, to irrigation and availability.  This site has it all ! Explanation & Diagrams
UNL Water Center Another nice site dealing with educating people about water and its role in our lives. Explanation & Images
Ground Water Primer - U.S. EPA More information and statistics about water from the Environmental Protection Agency. Explanation & Images
Water Quality Information Center This is a U.S. Government site dedicated to providing information on water quality. Explanation & Images
Surf Your Watershed - U.S. EPA A great source for information on watersheds from the Environmental Protection Agency. Explanation & Images
Oil Spill Counter Measures - A Guided Tour This lesson covers the modern fight that takes place when an oil spill occurs. Explanation & Images
Valdez Oil Spill
Mearns Rock Time Series
This is a fascinating look at the same rock beach over several years after an oil spill came ashore. Explanation & Images
Marine Sciences A collection of information related to marine science and careers in it. Information Collection