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Chemistry Zone Lessons: Redox & Electrochemistry

Name Description Type
  The ultimate guide to REDOX reactions and electrochemistry This lesson has everything (and more) you need to know about REDOX reactions and electrochemistry.  (It's a long one.) Explanation & Animations
Just REDOX A very nice and complete lesson on REDOX.  Covers all that you are required to know about it. Explanation & Images
Electrochemistry Contains everything (and more) related to electrochemistry including voltaic cells, Nernst equations, half-cells, reduction potentials, reduction and oxidation. Explanation & Images
Balancing Redox Equations in Acids  or  Bases This lesson teaches and has you apply the steps for balancing redox reactions.  Be sure to visit the Interactive Examples. Tutorial
Fuel Cells -Beyond Batteries The search for cleaner and more efficient ways to give cars energy takes us to the cutting edge. Explanation & Images