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In support of all the students who are displaced from school due to the Corona virus. Access to physics zone and chemistry zone lessons are now available free of charge. This will be maintained at least through August 1st 2020. Learn and be well.

Chemistry Lessons Review Links

Acids & Bases Lessons

Name Description Type
Introduction to Acids and Bases
This introduces the three theories of acids and bases. Arrhenius, Lewis, and Bronsted-Lowry theories are covered. Slides
Chemistry Zone Members Only
This illustrates the concept of an electrolyte both with a continuity tester and at the molecular level. Interactive Explanation & Animation
The pH Scale This lesson shows the origin of the pH scale and the ionization constant of water.  It also examines titration. Slide show
pH Calculations Practice This lets you practice converting between pH, pOH, [H+] and [OH-Bring a calculator. Live Practice
Titration Problem Solving Guide Having trouble knowing what to do in a titration calculation problem? This tutorial will walk you through it. Guided Practice