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Lessons on the Periodic Table

Name Description Type
Quick Intro to Elements This gives a nice quick introduction to elements and the periodic table. Animations & Explanation
It's Elemental Flash Cards This customizable flash card system is a great way to practice and learn the symbols and names of elements. Interactive Practice
Alphabetical list of Elements
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This list of elements is in alphabetical order and gives the name, symbol, atomic number and atomic mass. Table
Electron Configuration
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This table shows how the periodic table relates to electron configurations of the atoms. Table
Periodic Table of the Elements
Chemicool Periodic Table
Web Elements
Text only based table, fast and easy.

A decent periodic table with plenty of info on each element.

The most complete periodic table on the internet.  Audio, video, image, info.

Alternative Periodic Tables Other tables can be arranged by; electron filling, pyramid, or by isotope, comic book heroes Tables
Trends of the Periodic Table
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This lesson illustrates in several ways the general trends of the periodic table including atomic numbers, atomic mass, electron orbitals, atomic radius, metallic properties, ionization energy and electronegativity. Multimedia 
Arrangement Challenge In this virtual lab you are given all the elements and some information about each one.  Your task is to arrange them into some meaningful table.  You can color code elements based on any property you choose. Virtual Lab
Games for learning the periodic table Quiz: Fill the table in from memory 
Flashcards - 40 Element Symbols (Java)
Matching - 40 Element Symbols (Java)
Periodic Table Review Problems (Javascript)
Punny Periodic Table Crossword
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This crossword puzzle is a punny way to find your way around the names on a periodic table. Interactive Crossword Puzzle