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In support of all the students who are displaced from school due to the Corona virus. Access to physics zone and chemistry zone lessons are now available free of charge. This will be maintained at least through August 1st 2020. Learn and be well.

Chemistry Lessons Review Links

Lessons on Bonding

Name Description Type
Summary of Forces & Bonds
Chemistry Zone Members Only
This lesson looks at the fundamental forces and all the bonds that result form them.  Nice treatment of inter and intra molecular bonds. Explanation
Chemical Bonding : Dog - Bone Bonds
Chemistry Zone Members Only
This lesson gives a quick yet memorable introduction to intramolecular bonds which are also called chemical bonds (the bonds that form molcules). These include ionic, covalent, polar covalent, and metallic bonds.  Animations & Explanation
Dissolving and Dissociating
Chemistry Zone Members Only
This lesson uses animation to show how a salt dissociates in water.  It also compares dissolve and dissociate. Explanation & Interactive Animation
Electron Sharing and Covalent Bonds A great lesson on all aspects electron sharing and covalent bonds.  Lots of good interactive animations.  (Long! Don't try to go through it in one sitting.) Explanation & Interactive Animation
ChemBalancer - Balancing Chemical Equations This interactive tutorial lets you practice balancing chemical equations and gives you immediate feedback. Interactive Lesson
Naming Practice
Monotomic Ions
Polyatomic Ions
Polyatomic Ions 2
Polyatomic Ionic Compounds
Binary Ionic Compounds
Type II Cations
Common Chemicals
Polyatomic ions
Formulas to Names
Names to Formulas  
Stock-Metals Notation
Games and quizzes for practicing  naming and recognizing monatomic ions, polyatomic ions, ionic compounds, and nomenclature of other molecules.  A new quiz or game is generated every time you take it.  Complete with feedback. Live Games & Quiz
Mass, Moles & Gram-Formula-Mass This lets you practice and check your skills at converting between mass, moles, and gram-formula-mass if given any two (bring a calculator)
(GFW means gram formula mass)
Live Practice
Formula Related Mass Calculations This practice and check your skills at finding the mass of a compound given the mass of one of elements.  (bring a calculator & scrap paper)  Also available as word problems. Live Practice
Quiz - Chemical Bonds This quiz covers most aspects of bonding. Quiz