Physics Review Question Part III

Unit: Wave Phenomenon
Year: 1997 Question#: 121

Base your answers to questions 121 through 123 on the information and diagram below.

Two waves, A and B, travel in the same direction in the same medium at the same time.

121. On the grid on your answer paper, draw the resultant wave produced by the superposition of the waves A and B. [2 point]

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.Superposition is the process by which you combine two or more waves to determine the appearance of the combination.  Both waves at point x=0 are 0 so they add up to 0.   At point x=0.25 wave A=0.2 and wave B=0.1 so together they make 0.3.  At point x=0.5 they both are 0 so they add up to 0.  Repeat this pattern of adding points and plotting them then connect each point with a nice smooth curve.  Your answer should look like this:

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