Physics Review Question Part III

Unit: Mechanics
Year: 1997 Question#: 119

Base your answers to questions 116 through 120 on the information and vector diagram below.

A 20.-newton force due north and a 40.-newton force due east act concurrently on a 10.-kilogram object, located at point P.

119. What is the measure of the angle (in degrees) betweeen east and the resultant force? [1 point]


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There are two methods to answer this question.

Method 1- Direct Measurement: Take your protractor and measure the angle created between the 40N vector (points east) and the resultant vector. (the origin of the portractor would be placed at point P) This angle would be measured to approximately 27


Method 2 - Trigonometric functions: Since you are given the opposite and the adjacent sides of the angle you could use the tangent function to calculate the angle.

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