Physics Review Question Part III

Unit: Mechanics
Year: 1997 Question#: 118

Base your answers to questions 116 through 118 on the information and vector diagram below.

A 20.-newton force due north and a 40.-newton force due east act concurrently on a 10.-kilogram object, located at point P.

118. What is the magnitude of the resultant force? [1 point]


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There are two methods to answer this question.

Method 1- Direct Measurement: Take your ruler and measure the length of the resultant vector (in red). This length is approximately 5.5cm when measured on paper. From question 116 we know the scale is 8 N/cm so if we take (5.5 cm) * (8N/cm) we get 45N as our answer.


Method 2 - Pythagorean Theorem: Calculate the length of the resultant vector (in red) by treating the right triangle with the Pythagorean Theorem.

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