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Unit: optics
Year: 1995 Question#: 89
Question: Which piece of glass could be used to focus parallel rays of sunlight to a small spot of light?

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(4 )

What is this question really asking?

Explanation by: Andy D.
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Answer 1


This is incorrect, because the lines of light would not converge or diverge - they would continue without changing angle. ex: 
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Answer 2


This is the correct answer, because the light DOES converge at a point! Presto! If you guessed this, you are correct. The light is bent towards a focal point, where it converges.  return to top

Answer 3


This lens would make the light diverge, and so the light would not collect into one little packet. In fact, it would do quite the opposite.  return to top

Answer 4


This is a prism. It does not collect light. It breaks it up into component colors. It does not meet the criterium for this question.

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What's this question really asking?

This question is asking which one of the lenses bends light towards one focal point. return to top

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