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Unit: Geometric Optics
Year: 1995 Question#: 86
Question: A truck has the letters OWOW painted on the front of its hood. A person in a car driving ahead of the truck views these letters in the rear-view mirror. How do the letters appear?

(1 ) WOWO
(2 ) OWOW
(3 ) OMOM
(4 ) MOMO

What is this question really asking?

Explanation by: Chris

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Answer 1

This answer is correct because the image seen by the person in the car will be the reflection of the image actually painted on the car.  The person in the car would not see the image as upside down because they are facing the mirror. Instead they would see WOWO. The order of the letters is reversed by the reflection in the mirror. return to top

Answer 2


The reflection of the letters would not look the same as the original letters. return to top

Answer 3


Remember, rear-view mirrors aren't curved, and only curved mirrors invert images. Therefore, this answer cannot be correct. return to top

Answer 4


See the explanation to answer 3. return to top

What's this question really asking?

This question is really asking what the letters will look like after they have been reflected in the rear-view mirror. return to top

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