Physics Review Question

Unit: Optics
Year: 1994 Question#: 95
Question: A lens forms a real image three times the size of the object when the image is .12 m from the lens. How far from the lens is the object?

(1 ) .36 m
(2 ) .09 m
(3 ) .03 m
(4 ) .04 m

What is this question really asking?

Explanation by: Joshua
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Answer 1
.36 m


The object must be three times closer to the lense than the image. return to top

Answer 2
.09 m

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Answer 3
.03 m


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Answer 4

.04 m !!!!!!



It is the right answer. It works for the equation. Use the equation:

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What's this question really asking?

Use the ratio of object size to image size. return to top

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