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Unit: optics
Year: 1994 Question#: 88
Question: The convex spherical mirror found on the passenger side of many cars contains the warning, "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear." Which phrase best describes the image of an object viewed in this mirror?

(1 ) real and smaller than the object.
(2 ) real and larger than the object
(3 ) virtual and smaller than the object
(4 ) virtual and larger than the object

What is this question really asking?

Explanation by: Bill W.
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Answer 1
Real and smaller than the object

The reflected light never actually passes through the place where the image appears to be, therefore it is not a real image. return to top

Answer 2
Real and larger than the object.


The image is not real, see explanation for answer 1. return to top

Answer 3
Virtual and smaller

The image is smaller than the object and virtual. return to top

Answer 4
virtual and larger


From the diagram (above) the image is smaller, not larger than the object return to top

What's this question really asking?

What is the image created by a convex mirror like? return to top s

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