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Unit: Optics
Year: 1994 Question#: 87
Question: Some Brass Knuckles are located beyond the center of curvature, C, of a concave spherical mirror having principal focus F, as shown in the diagram below.

Where is the brass knuckle's image located?
(1 ) beyond C
(2 ) between C and F
(3 ) between F and the mirror
(4 ) behind the mirror

What is this question really asking?

Explanation by: Smar T.

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Answer 1
beyond C


You know what the Physics Phool says... WHEN IN DOUBT, DRAW A RAY DIAGRAM!!! as you can see from Smar T.'s ray diagram (see answer 2 below), the image is located between C and F! Yeah!!! : ) >
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Answer 2
between C and F


as seen in the ray diagram above, the Brass Knuckles are located between C and F!
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Answer 3
between F and the mirror


How many times do I have to freakin' say it !? (see explanation for (2)) return to top

Answer 4
behind the mirror


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What's this question really asking?

This question is asking if you can put pen to paper. Now who can't? Just as the Physics Phool says...DRAW THE RAY DIAGRAM return to top

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