KayTye 92-91 Physics Review Question

Unit: Optics
Year: 1992 Question#: 91
Question: Which phenomenon is represented by the diagram below?

(1 ) Reflection
(2 ) Refraction
(3 ) Difraction
(4 ) Polarization

What is this question really asking?

Explanation by: KayT

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KayTye 92-91
Answer 1
Reflection, this is incorrect because the rays are shown going through the glass, not reflecting. Mirrors are involved in reflecting. return to top

KayTye 92-91
Answer 2
Refraction, this is correct because refraction is the bending of light rays, and here the light is being refracted into a focal point. return to top

KayTye 92-91
Answer 3
Difraction is incorrect because diffraction is the spreading of light rays beyond a slit, not the bending of light rays through a lens as shown here. return to top

KayTye 92-91
Answer 4
Polarization, this is incorrect because polarization is the filtering of light when the angle of light oscillation is perpendicular to the alignment of the filter. return to top

KayTye 92-91
What's this question really asking?

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