Physics Review Question

Unit: mechanics
Year: 1997 Question#: 6
Question: The displacement-time graph below represents the motion of a cart along a straight line.

During which interval was the cart accelerating?

(1 ) AB
(2 ) BC
(3 ) CD
(4 ) DE

What is this question really asking?

Explanation by: Diana L.

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Answer 1


During the interval AB, the slope is positive, but isn't a constant velocity. The displacement rapidly increases with an increasing slope within a small amount of time. The cart is, thus, accelerating. return to top

Answer 2


During the interval BC, the slope is positive, but at a constant velocity. The cart is moving uniformly and not accelerating.
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Answer 3


During the interval CD, displacement stays at a constant while the time increases. Therefore the cart is not moving during this time. It is definitely not accelerating. return to top

Answer 4


During the interval DE, velocity is a constant. return to top

What's this question really asking?

At which interval is the velocity not a constant? (Keep in mind that the slope of a displacement vs. time graph represents the velocity) You are looking for a region where the velocity is changing. return to top

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