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Unit: Mechanics
Year: 1995 Question#: 53
Question: In a baseball game, a batter hits a ball for a home run. Compared to the magnitude of the impulse imparted to the ball, the magnitude of the impulse to the bat is......

(1 ) less
(2 ) greater
(3 ) the same

What is this question really asking?

Explanation by: Tiffany L (no last names)

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Answer 1

For this problem refer to the Mechanics section in the Reference manual, for the equation: J = F * change in t. The impulse is cna't be less, because it has to equal the force and the change in time. return to top

Answer 2


The impluse can't be greater because it also has to equal the force times the change in time, which is the formula:
J= F change in t return to top

Answer 3
the same

From Newton's third law we know that the force exerted by the bat and ball is the same, and therefore the impulse of the bat on ball equal the magnitude of the impulse of the ball on the bat. return to top

What's this question really asking?

How does the impulse on the bat compare to the impulse on the ball?? return to top

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