Physics Review Question

Unit: Mass and Measure
Year: 1994 Question#: 11
Question: The approximate mass of a nickel is...

(1 ) .0005 kg
(2 ) .005 kg
(3 ) .5 kg
(4 ) 5 kg

What is this question really asking?

Explanation by: Tony S

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Answer 1
.0005 kg


A nickel is very small, and using kilogram to gram conversion we see that this only has a mass of .5 grams. A paper clip is a good unit of measure it has a mass of approximatly 1 gram. This is only half a gram! return to top

Answer 2
.005 kg


This is correct because if you use kilogram to gram conversion .005 kg is equal to 5 grams. This is roughly the mass of a nickel. (About 5 paper clips). return to top

Answer 3
.5 kg


This is not correct because .5 kg is equal to 500 grams, which is much to heavy for a nickel. That would be roughly 500 paper-clips. return to top

Answer 4
5 kg


Just as the previous answer, this mass is much to large. Using the kilogram to gram conversion we see that it would be 5000 grams. Which is FAR to large a number. return to top

What's this question really asking?

This question is asking two things: first whether or not you understnad the concept of unit conversions (in this case KG to G), secondly using common sense on how much a nickel may actually weight! return to top

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