Physics Review Question

Unit: General Measurement
Question: Which measurement of an average classroom door is closest to 1 meter?
(1 ) thickness
(2 ) width
(3 ) height
(4 ) surface area

What is this question really asking?

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Answer 1

This answer is not correct. One meter is about the length of a persons arm. No door would be 1 m thick with the possible exception of a bank vault. return to top

Answer 2

This answer is correct! The width of a door is about 1 meter (nearly the length of your arm). return to top

Answer 3

This answer is incorrect! most doors are more like 2 meters tall. Only small children would find it comfortable to walk through a 1 meter tall doorway. return to top

Answer 4
surface area

This area is not correct. Surface area represents the product of two measurements of length. This would be measured in square meters or square centimeters. return to top

What's this question really asking?

This question is asking whether you understand what the length of 1 meter is. They are asking you to compare this to something you would find every day...a door.


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