Physics Review Question

Unit: Mechanics
Year: 1993 Question#: 1
Question: A car travels a distance of 98 meters in 10. seconds. What is the average speed of the car during the 10. second interval?

(1 ) 4.9 m/s
(2 ) 9.8 m/s
(3 ) 49 m/s
(4 ) 98 m/s

What is this question really asking?

Explanation by: Mike M

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Answer 1
4.9 m/s

It is incorrect because to get that answer you would have to take the average speed, found by distance / time, and divide that by 2. return to top

Answer 2
9.8 m/s

This is correct because to find the average speed is found by using the distance / time formula. That would be 98 m / 10. s = 9.8 m/s.

By choosing the number to be exactly the same as the acceleration due to gravity on Earth they are hoping you will doubt your answer and choose another one. return to top

Answer 3
49 m/s

This is incorrect and could be used as an answer if the person did (d / t) / 2, but forgot to put the decimal in place. return to top

Answer 4
98 m/s


This is incorrect and could be found as an answer by using the correct formula, but forgetting to put the decimal in place at the end. return to top

What's this question really asking?

It is really asking if I know when to use the average velocity formula and if I know how to plug in all of the numbers correctly. return to top

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