Physics Review Question

Unit: Mechanics
Year: 1990 Question#: 1
Question: A cart starting from rest travels a distance of 3.6 meters in 1.8 seconds. The average speed of the cart is

(1 ) 0.20 m/s
(2 ) 2.0 m/s
(3 ) 0.50 m/s
(4 ) 5.0 m/s

What is this question really asking?'

Explanation by: Alon B

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Answer 1


The first answer is incorrect because the answer does not match the result, after plunging the numbers into the equation. Using you will not get 0.20 m/s as the answer. return to top

Answer 2
2.0 m/s


This answer is correct because after pluging in the numbers to , 3.6m / 1.8s, you will get 2.0 m/s. return to top

Answer 3
0.50 m/s


Try using return to top

Answer 4
5.0 m/s


Try using . return to top

What's this question really asking?

This question is trying to check if you know which formula to use and then if you know which numbers represent what. Average velocity = change in displacement / change in time return to top

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