Physics Review Question

Unit: Mechanics
Year: 1990 Question#: 2
Question: An object has a constant acceleration of 2.0 meters per second2. The time required for the object to accelerate from 8.0 meters per second to 28 meters per second is

(1 ) 20.s
(2 ) 16s
(3 ) 10.s
(4 ) 4.0s

What is this question really asking?

Explanation by: Alon B

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Answer 1


This answer is incorrect because it is not the answer you would get if you used the correct formula and numbers. Try using . return to top

Answer 2


Try this . return to top

Answer 3


This answer is correct and fits the equation. The formula you need is
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Answer 4


This answer is incorrect because the answer does not make sense, if you calculated your answer using you would not get 4.0 sec. return to top

What's this question really asking?

This question is testing to see if you know how to use the acceleration formula. It is important to remember that (delta v) is equal to (final v) minus (initial v). return to top

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