Physics Review Question

Unit: mechanics
Year: 1989 Question#: 15
Question: A 50.-kilogram student stands on the surface of the Earth. What is the magnitude of the gravitational force of the Earth on the student?

(1 ) 490 N
(2 ) 50. N
(3 ) 9.8 N
(4 ) 6.7 x 10-11 N

What is this question really asking?

Explanation by: Esy C

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Answer 1
490 N


When using the formula w(eight )= m(ass)g(ravity), and using the given mass and 9.8 m/s2, this is the value you get for weight. return to top

Answer 2
50. N


This answer doesn't fit when using the equation w=mg. Remember mass and weight are two different things. return to top

Answer 3
9.8 N


This answer looks familiar, but don't be phooled by it; it doesn't fit when using w=mg. return to top

Answer 4
6.7 x 10-11 N


This answer doesn't fit when using w= mg. return to top

What's this question really asking?

How much does the student weigh? return to top

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