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Unit: mechanics
Year: 1989 Question#: 10
Question: An object near the surface of planet x falls freely from rest and reaches a speed of 12.0 meters per second after it has fallen 14.4 meters. What is the acceleration due to gravity on planet x ?

(1 ) 2.50 m/s2
(2 ) 5.00m/s2 (3 ) 9.80 m/s2
(4 ) 10.0 m/s2

What is this question really asking?

Explanation by: John D

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Answer 1
2.50 m/s2

Try using Vf2=Vi2 + 2as return to top

Answer 2
5.00 m/s2

Using Vf2=Vi2+2as, you can plug in the final velocity (12m/s) and the displacement wich is 14.4 meters to find the acceleration. return to top

Answer 3


That's the acceleration due to gravity on Earth!
Check math and be sure to use Vf2= Vi2 +2as correctly. return to top

Answer 4
10.0 m/s2


Make sure to check for math errors, make sure you are using the formula given to you above properly. return to top

What's this question really asking?

How much has planet x accelerated from Vi, which is om/s; to its final distance which is 14.4 meters? return to top

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