Physics Review Question

Unit: Energy
Year: 1989 Question#: 4
Question: Base your answer to the question below on the diagram which represents a block sliding along a frictionless surface from A to G.
Which formula represents the velocity of the block as it moves along the horizontal surface from point E to point F?

(1 ) =s/t
(2 ) =v/2
(3 ) vf2=2as
(4 ) v=1/2at2

What is this question really asking?

Explanation by: Anna R

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Answer 1


= s/t is the change in displacement divided by the change in time, which is the average velocity of an object. return to top

Answer 2


Sorry, this formula is nonsense. return to top

Answer 3


Sorry, this is the formula for final velocity if the initial velocity is zero. return to top

Answer 4


Sorry, this is the formula for change in velocity, not average velocity. return to top

What's this question really asking?

The formula for average velocity and if you know how to manipulate it. return to top

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