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Unit: mechanics
Year: 1988 Question#: 1
Question: What is the distance travelled by an object with an average speed of 6.0 meters per second for 8.0 seconds?

(1 ) .75 m
(2 ) 1.3 m
(3 ) 14 m
(4 ) 48 m

What is this question really asking?

Explanation by: Jill S

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Answer 1
.75 m


.75 m is the incorrect answer simply because of the equation that is used to find distance, . The answer .75 could be found if you used the equation wrong. If you set up the equation v=t/d.

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Answer 2
1.3 meters


1.3 m is the incorrect answer because of the formula . The only way to get 1.3 m is to use the equation wrong. If you had switched the variables to have t=V/d then you could have gotten 1.3 m.
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Answer 3
14 m


14 m is the incorrect answer for this problem because of the formula used to solve the equation, V=d/t. The only way to have gotten the answer of 14 m is to have subtracted either 6.0 m/s or 8.0 seconds from the variable d. The unit would also be wrong, meters/second not just meters. return to top

Answer 4
48 m


48 m is the correct answer because of the distance formula. The formula is . Here we are trying to find the distance of the moving object, therefore s is the variable. v in the speed the object traveled, so v is 6.0 meters per second. 8.0 seconds is the time that the object took to travel x distance.

6 m/s=d/8.0 sec..
(8.0 sec.) (6 m/s)=(d/8.0 sec..)(.8.0 sec./1)
48 meters.

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What's this question really asking?
The question is really asking what the distance is the the object using the information the is already given to you.
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