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Walter Fendt
Walter Fendt 1997 - 1998
Walter Fendt 1997 - 1998, Prof. Taha Mzoughi 1998
Walter Fendt 1997 - 1998, Yves Weiss 1998
Walter Fendt 1997 - 1998, Prof. Ernesto Martin Rodriguez 1998
Walter Fendt 1997 - 1998, Dr. Carlo Sansotta 1998

I want to place the "Java Applets on Physics" also at the disposal of my colleagues teaching at other schools. You are permitted to copy the HTML texts and the applets for non-commercial purposes. The applets must not be published on a CD or at a WWW server without the author's approval.

Java programmers are allowed to use the source files as basis for similar projects. (Of course I expect that the origin of the adopted program parts is mentioned in this case.)

The right of commercial use remains at the author.

Walter Fendt, October 31, 1998

zurueck Java Physics, Overview

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