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Ultra Violet Light Detection Kit

Being safe in the sun has never been such fun! Encourage UV protection and be prepared when spending time outdoors with the ultimate UV detection kit. Kit contains one 200 pack of our popular and colorful UV beads and a pocket sized UV meter. This meter not only gives the UV index and UV Irradiance but also has a graphical meter along side a UV color code chart which makes it easy, and fun, to determine the level of UV risk. UV Beads change to a rainbow of colors when exposed to UV rays. Experiment with them in different UV conditions or make jewelry out of them which will always be a reminder of your exposure to harmful UV rays. Encourage inquiry by comparing the depth and speed of color change of the beads to the reading of the meter. Small enough to easily bring along each day yet a powerful way to detect potentially unsafe conditions. Your kids will be excited to find out how extreme their UV risk is each day! The UV meter is broadband and is not able to detect the narrower frequencies of UV light emitted from artificial sources such as a UV flashlight or UV lamp.

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