Mayan Trouble Dolls of Guatemala: The Home

In the hills outside a small city, lived an old man with his daughter, Flora, and her two children, Maria and Diego. Like 2/3 of the Guatemalan people they had no electricity and no running water. They lived together in a small, one room, shahneel nah (thatched hut of mud and wood). The home was heated with a large fire in the middle of the room. Grandfather had taught them all to be excellent farmers just like their Mayan ancestors. This year was very bad, as a drought had prevented most of the crops from growing. Even though the ancient Mayans had developed methods of building giant underground storage tanks to hold water just in case of drought, this farm had none. Despite being very poor, the family was usually happy. They all worked very hard and they were thankful for the colorful clothes that Flora was able to make them. The children enjoyed and learned much from their grandfather's stories. They all worked together to survive.


The spelling of the Mayan words has been done phonetically. Say them just like they appear. Keep in mind that is not the correct spelling of the words.